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(Fake) Opening to WrestleMania XIV 2013 DVD from TheJAMMan1988 on Vimeo.

NOTE: This opening is FAKE! I have made this opening. And it’s better than Warren Cook’s videos.


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ANOTHER NOTE: I really truly do have the 2013 DVD re-release, I only have the original 2005 DVD release. But one of the blogs said that the 2013 DVD “re-release” is only the original 2005 DVD release. So, I have to do the video to tell them what are the original thoughts for this opening of and what we (not just me) would think of this opening (even though we were tricked by the first original DVD release from 2005!

1. Warning Screen
2. WWE “Don’t Try This at Home” PSA
3. WrestleMania XIV Main Menu
4. 2005 WWE Signature Logo
5. 1996 WWE Signature Logo (yes, the logo variant is from the 1996 special: “Superstars: The Best of 10 Years”, and the reason why I replaced the 1997 WWE Signature Logo with the 1996 WWE Signature Logo, is because the 1997 WWE Signature Logo had the URL initals: ” “, meaning that if you go to the site, you will end up in a site for the World Wildlife Fund.)
6. Opening to the event
7. WrestleMania XIV logo
8. First few seconds of the event


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Divergent series fan base gone wild

People have seen rumors about Edgar being in the movie. And people bitched about it.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe they have added a new character named Agent Phil Coulson, and nobody complained about him.

But when the casting in The Divergent Series: Insurgent, they casted a character named Edgar, rabid fanboys and fangirls and rabid FourTris shippers just started a bomb and threatens a character.

This is just ironic and hypocritical, guys. This makes the fan base look bad when it kinda already is, like in the Twilight series.

Gimme a break.

The (Theorical) Truth Behind Daniel Bryan being Stripped from the WWE World Heavyweight Title

Let me get this straight.

After WrestleMania XXX (which it was on my mother’s birthday) when Bryan won the WWE WHW Championship and a week later he married Brie Bella, The Authority brought back Kane from a corporate drone to a monster.

What they did was unleashing Kane to attack Daniel Bryan, and even after being defeated by DB in Extreme Rules, they still at it.

The surgery that Bryan planned cost him his title and his wife’s career now that he can’t be able to compete since its slow recovery.

Since Kane was part of the Authority, Along with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, I blame all three for doing an arcane plan such as trying to get Daniel Bryan out of the WWE WHW Champion title.

I know I thought of it but I think this was their plan because I think they just hate B+ Players. They’re a bunch of perfectionist idiots who wants an A+ player to be a WWE Champ.

And that’s bullshit. Authority, Me and the WWE Universe are sick and feathering tired of your so called “Anti-B+ Player” excuse BS. Stop that or Maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin will go 3:16 on your candy asses!

Thank you.

~NI97, A person who grew up with the Ruthless Agression Era and says that the PG era is a guilty pleasure for him. (My opinion)

As for Daniel Bryan, feel better and never give up to bring back your title. You’re still a champion to us, even if you’re claimed as a B+ who does an A+ move.

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